Pathfinders is a new product, developed by Latam PR, the leading communication agency network in the region.

Latin America is one of the most versatile emerging regions on the planet. Dynamic and diverse, with young talent, abundant natural wealth, and business vitality. In this context, the global stage presents a unique opportunity today to close historical gaps through sustainable and inclusive growth. Against this backdrop, Latam PR developed Pathfinders, an innovative product aimed at promoting tourism in the countries of the continent. “As members of Latam PR, we are proud to present Pathfinders globally. We are convinced that it will bring very good results and, without a doubt, facilitate the arrival of destinations, hotels, and companies in the sector that are interested in the Latin American market,” says Elsa Petersen, CEO of EM Marketing & Communication and President of Latam PR.

Two Proposals for Landing in Latin America Pathfinders offers two different possibilities for those destinations, hotels, or companies linked to the tourism industry that are interested in generating new business in the region. “We have a product for those who do not know Latin America: an experiential trip with the idea that they come to know our cultures and our countries, to thus detect the great opportunities that our continent has to offer. In this case, we also offer the organization of one-on-one business meetings; workshops and roadshows in several countries at the same time,” explains Petersen.

For those who already have or have had contact with Latin America and seek to enhance their presence in the region, Latam PR has another proposal: “The second product is for those who already know. We offer them a tailored plan with endless opportunities, from organizing a thematic event to being part of the most important tourism fairs on the continent,” points out Petersen.

From Latin America to the World Latam PR is already promoting Pathfinders in Spain and the network has announced that it will soon be presented in other countries in Europe and Asia. “We are very excited about this new product and believe that many will be able to access new markets and grow from our support and accompaniment in the region,” concludes Petersen.