Elsa Petersen, CEO EM Marketing & Communication

Latam PR, the network of strategic communication agencies in Latin America, announced the beginning of its new leadership’s tenure. As of January 1, 2024, Elsa Petersen from EM Marketing & Communication in Argentina and Matías Alcalde from BMR in Chile have been elected as President and Vice President, respectively. “I took on this task with the idea of propelling the network to new possibilities in the world of communication through creativity, strategy, and authenticity, creating connections that transcend and build bridges between brands and people,” says Petersen. “We have the human capital to be competitive at a regional level; we are 13 leaders working with our clients, and that is impossible to find in a single company,” states Alcalde. For the next two years, Petersen and Alcalde will be in charge of the network, accompanied by an Advisory Council which will be led by Daniel Laino, Founding Partner of Improfit from Uruguay; Lara Guerrero Álvarez, Head of MG Communications from the Dominican Republic, who will act as Chief Officer, and Sandra Sinicco, the founding partner of Latam PR, from GrupoCasa in Brazil. The Advisory Council will have the task of providing support and advice to the new management, for the development of LatamPR as a regional network at a global level.

Matías Alcalde, BMR Chile

Latam PR

In 2007, several strategic communication firms in Latin America founded the Latam PR network with the goal of sharing knowledge and experiences to support brands seeking to grow and have greater visibility in the market. Currently, the network includes the participation of 13 communication agencies and 2 in the process of joining, working from 15 countries. The alliance has a presence in various sectors such as Tourism, Gaming, Government Institutions, Health, Insurance, Legal, Technology, Retail, and Sports, offering the possibility of working in a personalized manner with companies interested in the region, accompanying them in each of the countries where it has a presence.