In a concerted effort to diversify and deepen knowledge about Caribbean tourism, EM Marketing and Communication, as an allied member of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO), actively participated in the 2024 Tourist Marketing Encounter (ECTU). Organized by the Buenos Aires Travel and Tourism Agencies Association (Aviabue), the event brought together a wide range of tourism brands, underscoring the sector’s vigor and commitment to strengthening tourism in both Argentina and Latin America.

One of EM Marketing’s most notable initiatives was conducting a survey among 104 travel agents and tour operators, designed to capture the current perception and knowledge about CTO member Caribbean destinations. The results showed a clear interest in traditional destinations, like Jamaica and the Bahamas, but also revealed a considerable desire to explore lesser-known options, limited by a lack of information and connectivity.

The results of this survey have been enlightening, highlighting the urgent need to adopt a collaborative strategy in the Caribbean to raise the visibility of its less traditional destinations. This will not only promote more sustainable tourism but will also enrich the tourism offer with the rich diversity of landscapes, cultures, and experiences the region has to offer.

The participation of EM Marketing and the CTO in ECTU 2024 was an invaluable opportunity to emphasize the importance of sustainable tourism and to establish productive conversations about overcoming the challenges faced by the Caribbean’s lesser-known destinations. “These results drive us to continue working for a more accessible and well-known Caribbean, highlighting the beauty and diversity of all its corners. Our relationship with the CTO positions us as a valuable resource to provide detailed information and necessary support to work with the member destinations. We invite tourism professionals to come to us to explore the hidden wonders of the Caribbean together, promoting a more diverse and sustainable tourism in the region,” expressed Elsa Petersen, CEO and founder of EM.