Elsa Petersen – CEO EM Marketing & Communication

Ecuador, the birthplace of cocoa, is not only home to a rich history of cultivation and production of this precious foodstuff, but also offers immense tourism potential that deserves to be recognised and tapped. With its vast biological and cultural diversity, this South American country has established itself as an ideal destination for chocolate lovers and travellers in search of authentic experiences.

The importance of positioning Ecuador as the leading cocoa destination in Latin America goes beyond simply promoting a product. It is about highlighting its identity and historical contribution to the world, as well as boosting its economy and sustainable development through tourism. Ecuadorian cocoa is not just an ingredient, it is a cultural heritage rooted in the traditions and daily life of many communities.

Social media, travel blogs and digital campaigns are powerful tools to reach a global audience interested in discovering new experiences. In addition, collaborations with chefs, chocolatiers and gastronomy experts can help position Ecuador as a world-class gastronomic destination, where chocolate is the undisputed protagonist as an essential part of its rich cultural identity and as a tourist attraction.

In conclusion, Ecuador has all the ingredients to become a destination par excellence in Latin America. With a well-designed marketing strategy that highlights its cultural values, premium quality and commitment to sustainability, this country can attract travellers from all over the world in search of a unique and delicious adventure.

We are pleased to be part of driving Ecuador’s growth as a tourism destination in Latin America by implementing various initiatives and building strong relationships in the sector. We are committed to contributing to the flourishing of this wonderful nation, offering unique experiences and promoting its cultural and natural richness. It’s time to taste all that Ecuador has to offer!