The twin islands of the Caribbean are kicking off the year with the celebration of Antigua and Barbuda’s Wellness Month. During January, both visitors and residents can be part of the incredible wellness offerings that the destination has to offer.

Organized by the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority (ABTA), Wellness Month offers those seeking to improve and enjoy their quality of life a series of carefully selected activities in different tourist spots: from retreats for a healthier life; spa experiences; hiking trails; yoga on secluded beaches; cultural immersion proposals and tasting of healthy foods.

Colin C. James, CEO of ABTA, stated: “Antigua and Barbuda have great natural wealth and multiple highly qualified wellness service providers. There is much to do and discover in Antigua and Barbuda for those who wish to enrich their mind, body, and soul.”

Highlighted Proposals For challenge lovers, the ABTA has announced two exciting activities open to competitors of all ages this month: the “Hiking Challenge through the Four Corners of Antigua and Barbuda” and the “7-Minute Ice Bath Challenge.”

The first offers the possibility to explore the national parks and lush hills of the islands. Throughout the month, four excursions with different levels of difficulty will be held, where hikers can visit historic Fort Barrington, picturesque Gaynor’s Bay and Signal Hill, as well as Darby Cave, unique in Barbuda.

Meanwhile, the “7-Minute Ice Bath Challenge,” organized by the organic wellness paradise Wellness Footprints Antigua and led by the 2023 Antigua and Barbuda Wellness Ambassador, Tricia Greenaway, will highlight the benefits of an ice bath. Participants will immerse themselves in a bathtub filled with ice for seven minutes. Ice baths are a therapeutic experience with multiple benefits, including concentration and meditation, relaxation and better sleep, as well as muscle recovery and mental health improvement.

Keisha Schahaff, astronaut, professional and tourism brand ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda, will also be part of the month’s activities: she will offer twelve people free access to a retreat focused on healthy living, themed around discovering the power of space, wellness, and personal growth.

Maria Blackman, Director of Marketing and Communications and member of the ABTA Wellness Pillar team, stated: “We firmly believe that our destination has very good proposals for those who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle. We are very excited to showcase the possibilities of living different experiences and meeting all those who start or continue their journey towards wellness during January 2024.”