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Elsa Petersen - Founder and CEO

Elsa Petersen - Founder and CEO

Her expertise based on over 40 years of working with the leading companies in Argentina endorses our successful path and crowns our prestige in the tourism industry. Elsa has been dedicating herself to train her staff in order to maximize team effectiveness. Thanks to her professional growth and successful results, she became one of the most reliable referents in the Argentinian tour operator’s market. She is an expert in Product development, Market Research and identification of the applicable products/solutions according to the market needs, communications and sales strategies, customer relationship management, prospect identification. She has also been trained in multinational companies as AIG Group and Mondial Assistance, a member of ALLIANZ Group, where she held the positions of Travel Services Manager and Commercial Director.

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Sales Calls
FAM Tours and Press Trips
Strategic Marketing
Tourist Board Representatives

1 Sales Calls

Services: Sales Calls
  • Promotional material distribution.
  • Trainings to travel agencies about destinations, products, management/operational systems.
  • Online workshops.
  • Webinars.
  • Detailed presentations with essential guidelines.

2 FAM Tours and Press Trips

Services: FAM Tours and Press Trips 1 Services: FAM Tours and Press Trips 2

FAM Tours:

  • Identify the right people to meet the destination in person so they get better product knowledge and a closer relationship, improving commercial activity in the future.
  • Organization and coordination of FAM TOUR during the whole process.
  • After trip follow up. A feedback is necessary to evaluate the knowledge acquired by the agents and to check if there still was some misunderstanding o pending enquiries about the destination.

Press Trips:

  • Analysis to detect key media representatives who will be willing to post and promote the destination with a commercial goal
  • Organization and coordination of PRESS TRIPS during the whole process.
  • After trip follow up to get the best diffusion possible and provide any information or material that could collaborate to the best concept communication.

3 Strategic Marketing

Services: Strategic Marketing
  • Colaborative campaigns.
  • Press campaigns and media management.
  • Tech solutions applied to tourism industry.
  • Media analysis & advertising proposal.
  • Strategic and crisis management.

4 Tourist Board Representatives

Services: Tourist Board Representatives

Training is an essential part of the selling process. In EM we believe that the more the agents know about the destination, the more they’ll be able to transmit their enthusiasm to passengers and so the selling opportunities become a fact. To make this possible, we have recruited the best professional team and bet on their constant instruction.
As representatives we elaborate a creative action plan based on each company’s needs. Trainings, meeting breakfast, product/brand launches and many more services will ensure your company’s best representation in any Latin-American country


Fairs and Exhibitions
Product Launching

1 Congresses

Events: Congresses

A successful congress demands a great planning work such as identifying the target audience, devising the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching it, scheduling, select venue location, get the necessary permits, coordinate security, catering and many services more. EM is a source of solutions on congress organization matters throughout Latin America so your company has nothing to worry about once you reach destination. Also, for those who want to impress their public with non-conventional events, we provide a wide range of possibilities and develop singular proposals in order to achieve each goal.

2 Fairs and Exhibitions

Events: Fairs and Exhibitions

Fairs and exhibitions are events that promote tourism in the place where they are made. From EM we believe that these events should be used as a marketing tool in order to boost sales. We take care of the identification of the best fairs and exhibitions for your participation, as well as the logistics of the assembly of the stand, design and production of promotional materials and media coverage.

3 Product Launching

Events: Product Launching

This is the first approach of the product or service to the market; it is the first step to generate sales. You can’t fail at launching because this would mean a total failure of the product/service lifecycle. Studying competition, targeting the ideal audience, creating a unique value proposition and defining marketing strategy are just the beginning.

4 Trainings

Events: Trainings

Training the right people to do the right job. Knowledge is the basis of sales, “you can’t sell anything if you can’t tell anything”. In EM we specialize in transmitting the essential concepts and extra information that audiences need to understand the product. Our high qualified staff takes good care of building relationship with target audiences and carefully selecting the most appropriate media, channels and materials required according to each goal set.
After training, we evaluate the acquired information and the training itself so we can reinforce missed concepts and quality service standards.


“Is an online learning tool created to facilitate the link between any travel related organization and travel & tourism trade from Argentina through a super friendly plattform.”



Elsa Petersen - Founder and CEO
Elsa Petersen
founder and CEO at EM Tourism Marketing & Worldwide Communication
phone: +54 9 11 4071-1124